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Image: A SimplicityCam running on a Chromebook through the Chrome browser using our XSight Flash Plugin.

You spoke.  We listened.

Before we designed XSight we listened.  We listened to teachers. We listened to administrators.  We listened to support staff.  We kept hearing the same message.  Keep it clean.  Keep it simple. Keep it focused on classroom instruction.  We did just that.

Goodbye menus.

In the classroom most software isn’t controlled by a mouse anymore.  However, most software is still designed around old menu based navigation.  XSight employs touch, pen and whiteboard friendly navigation with right sized and easy to click icons.  No more hunting for tools in hidden menus.  Just simple, clean navigation.

Draw. Zoom. Pan.

We pioneered zoomable annotation in the classroom.  We saw what was needed was the ability to mark up live images and then zoom in with the annotation staying locked to the image.  This would make writer’s workshop and other classroom activities more powerful than ever. We call this feature AnnoZoom and it is often cited as the most appreciated feature of our software.

AnnoZoom Video Click. Drag. Drop. ImageShare Video Share easily between apps.

With our drag and drop ImageShare feature it is easier than ever to get images from your document camera into your whiteboard application, or just about any other application running on your computer.  Drag the image and its annotations from XSight directly into the other application.

Stay in front of them with picture-in-picture.

It has been noticed that students are more likely to pay attention to a recorded video if the teachers face is present in the recording.  Enter Picture-in-Picture recording.  With PiP you embed your webcam into the document camera image and take snapshots or record video with both the document camera and your PiP camera captured.  It is perfect for creating flipped video content.

Record with a click.

With your SimplicityCam and its built in microphone you are just a click or two away from recording your own content using XSight.  Click record, select your video size and start recording.  It’s that simple.

Flip it. For free!

Flipping the classroom through use of video is one of the hottest trends in instruction today.  We love the idea, and think that the folks over at Screencast-O-Matic are doing an incredible job developing affordable tools for screencasting.  We like their solution so much we made it super easy to launch S-O-M while using XSight.  Just click the S-O-M button.

SnapSets. Instruction to go.

Let our SnapSet tool automatically create a PDF of all the snapshots you take during a lesson.  Share the PDF with students that missed class that day, or share with all students for use as a study guide.

Other features you’ll love about XSight.

Flash Plug-in XSight. The only camera software designed by you to specifically meet the needs of the classroom.

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Use your SimplicityCam with Google Chrome.

Use your SimplicityCam on your Chromebook with  the XPress extension for Google Chrome browser.

Download from the Google Chrome Store.