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CD/DVD AutoPrinter.

Print Photo Quality Discs in under a minute at nearly half the cost of other leading inkjet disc printers.

Print at Nearly Half the Cost of Other Printers!

Say goodbye to expensive ink for your disc printer when you buy a Recordex StudioJet 50™ or StudioJet 100™ AutoPrinter.  We chose to design an open print solution that allows the use of standard off-the-shelf ink cartridges.  Never worry about running out of ink when you can buy it at your local office or discount club store!  Other disc printers use proprietary ink cartridges that cost nearly twice what you’ll pay for HP ink!  Print and save with the Recordex StudioJet™ AutoPrinters.

Capacity To Meet Your Needs

Choose our StudioJet 50™ or StudioJet 100™ depending on your capacity requirements.  If you print a lot of discs then you’ll find the convenience of our 100 capacity loader worth the investment.  

StudioJet 100™

Fast Reliable Disc Loading

With a disc cycle time of less than 8 seconds the StudioJet 50™ and StudioJet 100™ waste no time completing your print job.

Easy 4800 DPI Printing

Create files with the included Discus Label Editor or any program you choose.  Our driver-based print system makes printing a disc as easy as clicking Print.

Powerful Exhaust Fan to Double the Life of Your Printer!

When you print a disc you’re actually spraying very fine ink onto the disc surface.  During the print process very tiny ink particles escape into the air inside your printer and over time this can cause service problems.  Both the StudioJet 50™ and the StudioJet 100™ utilize a powerful exhaust fan to clear the ink spray from the interior of the printer.  This can nearly double the life of your printer.  

Works With All Brands of Media

We made sure that our printer would work with your media.  We recommend Kodak media, especially their waterproof media, for breath-taking quality, but we’re confident that any disc you use will load and print without any trouble.

Print Over 500 Discs With One Set of Ink

We printed more than 500 of this image before we noticed any loss in color saturation.  If you’re printing full coverage photos you’ll be equally impressed with the number of discs you can print on one set of ink.  We’ve tested print costs of less than 10¢.

32/64 Bit Support

Both the StudioJet™ and the bundled Discus Label Editing software work on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 32-bit or 64-bit.

Professional Photographers  Impress clients with custom printed photo discs and include your studio logo in the design to guarantee that you get the credit when they show it to friends.

Churches & Public Speakers  You put a lot of effort into your message and chances are it will be heard more often if you package it well.  You make sure you deliver your message with passion now you can convey that same passion with custom printed discs for each service or event.

Wedding & Event Videographers  Create absolutely stunning printed DVDs using a still from the event video.  Run off just as many copies as you need and make changes as often as you want.  There are no minimum quantities when you print them yourself!

Musicians   You’re demo will go places and your albums will sell faster when they look like you spent a fortune to produce them.  You sound like a pro so start looking like one!

†Savings claim based on an October 25, 2007 online price comparison of  HP C6657AN and HPC6658AN ink cartridges with Microboards CX-1/PF-3 ink cartridges (V101B and V1012C) and Primera Bravo Pro ink cartridges (18C0050 and 18C0710).   Prices for a set of cartridges (one color and one black cartridge) were compared.  
Save nearly $40 every time you buy a set of ink cartridges!
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Small Footprint

At under 21” wide and less than 18” deep this printer won’t take up your whole office!

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