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Wireless Link With A Touch Of A Button.

Class time is for learning, not wrestling with technology. You won’t waste any time setting up your iMMPad SE.  Once installed, the iMMPad SE is ready to go when you are. Simply plug in the USB dongle, and power on your pad. Within seconds you’ll be controlling your interactive lesson plans from anywhere in the classroom. Adding pads is a cinch. Simply power on the additional pads, push the sync button on the pad and within seconds you can link up to 30 pads to a single computer.



Free Your Interactive Whiteboard!

There is no need to be tethered to the whiteboard at the front of your room. Using our wireless RF technology you can move around, sit down next to your students, pass the pad around, and explore the freedom of wireless interactive solutions. Using the iMMPad SE by Recordex is like having your interactive whiteboard or computer in the palm of your hand.  With the wireless pen you can control applications, annotate over images, or even the entire screen. Control your lesson and your applications from virtually anywhere in the classroom.

As Easy To Use As Your Computer Mouse.

The learning curve is low with the iMMPad SE. The included stylus works like a mouse; tap the pad to click, tap and hold for a second to right click. Within a few minutes of practice you’ll be selecting, clicking, dragging, dropping, annotating and hand-writing with ease.


iMMPad SE™ 
interactive multimedia tablet

The power to present from the palm of your hand!  The iMMPad SE is designed to fit perfectly in the hands of instructors and students alike.  The lightweight ergonomic design is noticeable from the first touch.  Control all of your computer’s functions from the palm of your hand.

Shortcut Buttons Make Commonly Used Functions a Pen Tap Away. The iMMPad’s 15 quick launch buttons give you quick one touch control of these popular computer functions:  Mute On/Off, Volume Up/Down, Launch Web Browser, Go Back, Go Forward, My Desktop, My  Computer, Enter, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Scroll Up/Down, Play, Pause, Stop, Skip Forward, Skip Back.  



iMMPad SE Specifications

Designed For Today’s Classroom.

The iMMpad SE weighs under one pound (0.8lbs) and is built to withstand everyday classroom use.  The tablet is powered by two rechargeable AA batteries giving you a green yet cost effective power source that will give you up to 40 hours of power under typical use between charges.


Powerful Software Bundles.

We bundle powerful annotation software with every tablet for on screen annotation and recording.


Compliance Tested.

Certified to meet the CE, FCC Class B, and RoHS compliance standards.  


iMMpad SE Software
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