Welcome to our going green product setup guide.  

This page will supply you with everything you need to get started using your SimplicityCam.  No installation discs to keep track of, no manuals to gather dust, just the information you need, when you need it, where you can always find it... right here!

QuickStart Setup Guide
First, make the connections.

Setting up your camera is pretty simple and will only take a few minutes.  Start by making the connections.  View the QuickStart Guide to see just how easy it is.

With your SimplicityCam 5 document camera you receive a free copy of our New XSight HD viewer and capture software.

XSight HD is now available for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X users.

For Windows users you should have received a license code for the software with your camera.  If you have lost your license please click here to request a license for the Windows version.  

For Mac users you should download the public release beta version of XSight HD below.  The public release beta will be fully functional through January 2014.  Between now and then we will be collecting user feedback and releasing a final version of the product through the Mac App Store.  

If the User Guide or QuickStart Guide for your camera instructs you to download VideoGlide for OSX you should instead use the new XSight HD Viewer (beta) for Mac OS X.  If you require use of VideoGlide please click here.

Finally, learn how to use your SimplicityCam and software by watching getting started videos.

XSight HD Download

Next, download and install your viewing and capture software.

XSight HD Download - Mac OSX